Shopperism. I know it is not a word, but technically neither is conversate and people use that all the time. I don’t know about you but I for one have definitely been a victim of shopperism. Let me paint the picture. Your looking around in a high end store. The sales associate sizes you up, smirks, and hesitantly approaches you with the lackluster greeting “Can I help you with anything” at that point you articulate to them the infamous tagline of broke people across the nation, that reassures what they knew all along “Naw just looking right now”.

You see shopperism is a belief that is based on your outward appearance, and results in you being unjustly profiled as someone who can’t afford to shop in that store. Now whether or not you are fronting and are really broke is besides the point. The crime comes in prematurely being identified as that person. Now there is two ways to handle situations like this. One, is to aggressively and promptly subject the sales assistant to a verbal abuse. The other is showcased by my main man and honorary smugger Marcus Graham. Take a look.

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