10 Twitter Thoughts On The Oscars

Here are our 10 thoughts on the Oscars in 140 characters or less.

  1. RT @Corey_Waller: does this mean we now have to forever refer to Monique as academy award winner? like 3-6-mafia?
  2. And to think only a few years ago she was doing Soul Plane, Phat Girls, and Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins
  3. Monique won! Why she always looks and sound angry even when supposed to be happy?
  4. What was that look Sam Jackson just gave?? “Yeah I did it and I hope they burn in hell!!”
  5. RT @richardroeper “Black guy won an Oscar! Cut to Morgan Freeman!”
  6. Speaking of which, RT @sdotwalton Morgan Freeman has been present at all 82 of the annual Academy Awards. Has he won yet?
  7. The Black dude with the V-Neck Eddie Winslow hair do won for writing Precious
  8. RT GadgetMan4U Wow The Hurt Locker got 6 Oscars and Avatar only got 3?
  9. There’s been at least four moments that they should’ve inserted Kanye
  10. RT @Aqua174 B-Boys were in the Hurt Locker? really?
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