EVENT: The Smugger "Naked Sushi" Party

Our events marketing director Theo Wilhite had a birthday recently. We helped him celebrate it the only way we knew how– with a damn-near naked model and sushi! We had a ball at Washington, DC’s Cre 8 Lounge over the weekend.

Lauren Von Der Pool came up with the event’s ‘Naked Sushi’ concept. She is the founder/ CEO of Von Der Pool Gourmet & Healthy Living Services Inc., a non-profit focused on teaching inner city and impoverished communities healthy living services and agricultural awareness. The 25-year-old an esteemed Le Cordon Bleu graduate specializes in exotic, vegan and raw food cuisine has gained the respect of culinary community world wide. She has catered the Oscars, Grammys, AMA’s and countless A-List celebrity events all as an apprentice to Wolfgang Puck.

Check out the pics.

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One Response to EVENT: The Smugger "Naked Sushi" Party

  1. Dan Bellamy says:

    I was mad I missed it Jeff!!! Now I’m REALLY pissed! lol

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