1 Smugger's Perspective: The Reality Monster

As much as I hate to say it – good tv is gone. With the exception of a few shows that are on the air, good tv just ain’t what it used to be. It has been replaced by cheap, over the top reality that is as annoying as a hangnail. I mean come on – no disrepect intended here but do we really need to see the lives of housewives all over the country, how people survive on cooked bugs while stashed on a far away land that even Walt Disney wouldn’t make a movie about, and singers’ drama.

I suppose our infatuation with this mindless rubbish is that it takes us away from the real problems we face, or perhaps we’ve just grown accustomed to the scraps the networks are dishing out. I remember as a kid I used to wait for TGIF to come on so I could watch Urkel and see a dinobaby hit his dad over the head and yell “not the mama!” Those days are gone. No more quality tv shows. If you want that you have to turn to cable, for the most part. And on top of that, the good shows like the Law & Order brand, Lost and others are being savagely devoured by the monster that is reality.

The networks just keep on giving us more of what we want (or moreso of what they believe we want) and we keep eating the crumbs instead of demanding the full meal. I mean reality has its place, but I find myself wanting to thumb through the newspaper more than ever nowadays or drink coffee while I finish DVDs of shows that have long been buried. I tried to give reality a chance, really I did. I sat up and watched Keyshia Cole, the Big Brother onslaught and snacked on popcorn while watching beautiful women fawn over an ex-rapper who wears a clock as jewelry. I gave up. This madness has got to stop. It won’t though because the networks keep cancelling good tv and replacing it with gibberish and gunk. And you won’t see anyone complaining because after all it’s dope to know how many different kinds of cakes (ones we’ll never eat) a chef can create for celebrities and whether or not Pepa has gotten any in the last decade.

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