Durex Has Sex With Words

These are apparently images of an ad campaign from condom maker Durex. Using words that convey different sides of the sex spectrum (sex-trum?) German designer Andrej Krahne makes NSFW depictions of two people getting it on in different positions with the Durex logo acting as the magic stick. They used “Wood” for the table. Ha! This may only be on spec because I really don’t fathom seeing these images on the sides of bus stops. That’s funny though. More ha!

“The task (per his site): Communicate the joy with Durex. The idea: Don’t tell it demonstrate it. The execution: Type shows like X-ray the inner feelings during the act with Durex”

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One Response to Durex Has Sex With Words

  1. Jeff Toliver says:

    lmao…it served its purpose..lol WRAP IT UP!! lol

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