THE FIVE: Beat Cabin Fever

For the lucky ones who did not take part in “Snowmeggedon” please allow me to brief you on the events of the past week. Now before I begin please pardon my tone, I just learned that I owe money on my taxes– Damn Uncle Sam. OK now that I got that out, back to the topic. Unless you have been residing under a rock, then I’m quite sure that you have caught wind of the tumultuous snowstorm that hit the East coast like a Mike Tyson uppercut. Unfortunately, I was one of the poor souls who felt the wrath of the knockout punch. The weather left eager commuters stranded ( moment of silence for those who had Super Bowl tickets and missed their flights), crippled businesses, and left the poor grocery stores resembling ground-zero. As one day turned to four, my body temperature was slowly on the rise, and it was not because of the temperature– I was beginning to come down with a severe case of cabin fever. So in light of my condition, I choose to use my sickness for good and inform on ways to beat the boredom.

When stuck in the house, reading is the perfect remedy for occupying your time. You can lose yourself in a good book and hopefully learn some new words in the process. Even greater, reading serves as foreplay for my second most favorite thing in the world– sleeping.

4. Working Out
What better occasion to dust off that old Bowflex that your mother gave you three Christmas’s ago. It is a perfect way to relieve a little tension and make you feel good, and once again serves as an appetizer to sleep.

3. Entertainment
Again, what better occasion to watch those DVD’s that your mother gave you three Christmas’s ago. If your stuck with roommates, board games and cards are also entertaining. However entertainment is rather relative, so I’m sure you can use your imagination and find ways to stimulate the mind (wink, wink)

2.Food & Liquor
I love win/win situations and it truly does not get any better than this. Whether you put them together or use them separately your destined for a good time, and if your anything like me you know what comes after any combination of the two.

1.Bun Buddy
The epitome of self explanatory. When snowed-in nothing is better than the comfort of a warm body next to you. Now you can do all of the above mentioned things alone, but they are even better when done with somebody else. Besides you can do my favorite thing, followed by my second favorite thing.

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One Response to THE FIVE: Beat Cabin Fever

  1. vic says:

    yeah, sleep is the best

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