No Sweat

If your a sweaty and you know it clap your hands ( clap clap)
If your sweaty and you show it do a dance (dance dance)
If your sweaty and you know it
And your outfit really shows it
If your sweaty and you know it clap your hands (clap clap)

Yes, we are all humans and we understand our bodily functions. But lets face it “spots of wetness” on your outfit is definitely not a good look. While I personally find it hilarious to see a little “half moon” around an armpit. Perspiration is very much gender neutral, however, when applied to females it gives new meaning to the phrase “getting wet”.

We all sweat for different reasons most being heat, nausea, or nervousness. It appears that sweating from your armpits is universally accepted, but moisture from other areas– uhhhh not so much. Unfortunately, I am apart of the contingency who have been on the receiving end of a soggy handshake (Ewwwwwwwww).

Admittedly, I am not someone who lives a lifestyle of the rich and stainless. In fact, I’m broke and I perspire profusely. To that end, I am somewhat of an expert on how to avoid the eyesore.

My mother once said ” never let them see you sweat”, so if you want to be stylish but you sweat like a pig, do yourself a favor and layer the area in which you sweat from. A simple t-shirt, or extra layer may keep you from looking “unsure”. If your outfit does not call for layers, then wear darker opaque colors, at least this way the color will give off the illusion that your not sweating.

Shaving is also a solution, however depending on where the moisture is coming from that situation can get a little hairy (pun intended).

In any event you should be encouraged, because there is always a way to look cool, even when your feel hot.

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One Response to No Sweat

  1. yo yo yo says:

    lol people r even worse is that the person usually decides to sit right beside you..terrible, just terrible!!

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