Study: The Woman's "G-Spot" Is A Myth

Most women can tell you that some type of G-spot exists and while men have searched for it for decades a group of researchers dove in to hunt for the elusive erogenous zone and couldn’t find shit.

The study, involving 1,800 women, was biggest study ever about the G-Spot.  The London-based research team who conducted the study found no proof that the mythical Gräfenberg Spot exists. They believe the G-spot may be a “figment of women’s imagination, encouraged by magazines and sex therapists.”


The women in the study, who were all pairs of identical and non-identical twins, were asked whether they had a G-spot.
If one did exist, it would be expected that both identical twins, who have the same genes, would report having one.
But this pattern did not emerge and the identical twins were no more likely to have a G-spot than non-identical twins who share only half of their genes.

But sexologist Beverley Whipple, who helped popularise the G-spot idea, said the work was “flawed”.
She said the researchers had discounted the experiences of lesbian or bisexual women and failed to consider the effects of having different sexual partners with different love-making techniques.

Dr Petra Boynton, a sexual psychologist at University College London, said: “It’s fine to go looking for the G-spot but do not worry if you don’t find it.

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2 Responses to Study: The Woman's "G-Spot" Is A Myth

  1. Kermit C. Brown says:

    What can be a fun toy for girls?

  2. I don’t think when it comes to the G-spot, there is a myth. It is a matter of how you caress the woman and show her love. You can flood her G-spot like a pool by just looking at her. And that My friend is the secret.

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