REPERTOIRE: Same Old 2-Step

So you find yourself on the dance floor in the middle of a crowded club. Your with your date and “her song” comes on. She jolts out of her seat and pulls you along with her. Now this situation sounds perfect, but there is one problem. You dance like your shoes are two small and your socks are too tight.

So listen up twinkle toes. While hilarious, not being able to dance is not kosher. I have discussed this with several females and they stated being rhythmically challenged could potentially be a deal- breaker. Citing that if you can’t dance effectively, you probably can’t ( fill in the blank ) effectively.

Dancing is much like any other undefined entity, it commences and concludes with style. That said, for most fellas we study from a book entitled “The 2-Step”. This dance is All- American as Apple Pie. The benefit of learning it is that it’s timeless, and it never goes out of style. If done right, you could quite possibly survive off this one move for the rest of your dancing days.

Those who have mastered the art of the move treat it like an outfit and accessorize it properly with a plethora of hand motions, shoulder shakes, and head nods that can make it look like anything from the Samba to the Viennese Waltz (google it).

Now if you feel like channeling your inner MJ (rest in peace) than by all means, feel free to go right ahead and embarrass yourself. But fellas, when on the dance floor it is better to be safe than lonely.

Be sure to not be lazy and apply the same 2-step to all music. Different songs cause for different variations and tempos. Those who have mastered the move know that the 2-step can be anything that you want it to be, however it takes time and effort to do so. If not already included please take the time and add the 2-step to your REPERTOIRE.

Allow this video to illustrate the repercussions of not learning the 2-step.

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One Response to REPERTOIRE: Same Old 2-Step

  1. Ms. Brown says:

    …not necessarily a deal-breaker…but my goodness, i sure will be judging BIG TIME! LOL! SOME rhythm is required, otherwise the guy would just come off as awkward, goofy, and uncoordinated in everything he does (well in my mind at least).

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