REPERTOIRE: Fresh Breath

I feel like a universal law for conversation should be appropriate breath. I personally find it offensive when someone is talking to me knowing the air they are releasing is marginally toxic. However, a recent trip out with the fellas exposed me to something.

Now every since I was going to the kiddie clubs back in the day, there were always two items that accompanied me. Those items were: a pen to get the number, and a few pieces of candy, gum, starburst, to help me get the number. As I grew up cell phones have solved the pen issue, however the breath fresheners still remain.

That is why I was astonished to see that none of the fellas who I went out with had any gum, tic-tacs, peppermint… NOTHING. I gladly supplied my compadres with a few sticks of wrigleys but I made sure to tell them to never do this again. It’s like not taking a pen to a test, or like eating greens with no hot sauce, it’s just plain irresponsible.

Now bad breath is not gender specific, because ladies you have to check that breath as well. It also should not only be checked at the club, but rather any environment that you have to interact with people. We all have had that dreaded co-worker who had that “dragon” stuck in their mouth, or that teammate who needed a drink of water.

That said, please make sure you are protected. My personal favorites are Altoids and Breathesavers and for times when I’m feeling fruity, I pack some Sour Patch Kids or Sour Gummi Worms. For you club goers, if your find yourself without any protection, go to the bar and order a water with lemon. Take a swig of the water and take a small bite out of the lemon and swish it around like mouth wash. This is a temporary solution, but if you are desperate, it works. Just a couple more things to add to your REPERTOIRE.

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