Whites-Only Basketball League Launching Down South. Here's to Progress!

Maybe they got tired of people saying that “White men can’t jump” or that they “Can’t play defense.” Maybe they got tired of having more people in mascot suits than players in the NBA, or maybe, if you let them tell it, they wanted to bring it back to the days before the slam dunk was invented and set shots reigned supreme.

As an alternative to the flash and dash of the African-American dominated basketball landscape the Augusta Chronicle is reporting that some nutjobs are introducing a 12-team Whites-only league called the All-American Basketball Alliance, based where else? The south. Of course!

“Only players that are natural born United States citizens with both parents of Caucasian race are eligible to play in the league,” a news release statement reads in the article.

Now, the AABA’s commissioner Don “Moose” Lewis contends that the Atlanta-based league’s exclusiveness to White players is not due to racism but rather an opportunity for more playing time.

“There’s nothing hatred about what we’re doing,” the commissioner told the newspaper. “I don’t hate anyone of color. But people of white, American-born citizens are in the minority now. Here’s a league for white players to play fundamental basketball, which they like.”

Lewis stresses “fundamental basketball”, which is, as the article points out is “not the “street-ball” played by “people of color” and fans don’t have to worry about athletes jumping into the stands to beat them up or dealing the armed players without NRA memberships.

“Would you want to go to the game and worry about a player flipping you off or attacking you in the stands or grabbing their crotch?” he said. “That’s the culture today, and in a free country we should have the right to move ourselves in a better direction.”

The good news from all of this is that although Lewis is trying to field a 12-team league he may have a hard time getting that because not a lot of people or cities are actually taking him seriously. In fact, he’s getting run out of town. God bless them.

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