A Fresh Approach To Diesel

On January 15, Diesel announced that it would be gaining a new artistic director to keep the brand revolutionary. The new director, Bruno Collin, will be implementing and weaving a more creative approach to the company.

“More than ever, I want Diesel to express its DNA in the most up-to-date and innovative ways,” says Renzo Rosso, president and founder. “The world of fashion has radically changed therefore also the creative process has to follow. I believe in the idea of combining a wide variety of different creative talents: stylists, designers, photographers, graphic designers, artists. This is only the beginning of a revolution that will transform the creative team and the brand’s design process. I’ve been following Bruno for a long time and I believe his work, his ideas, his know-how and taste are a perfect fit for Diesel. Innovative brands should be managed like magazines – a strong, unique identity with constant external input and collaborations that suit the project at hand.”

Diesel has also unveiled its “Be Stupid” marketing this month. Crafted around its nontraditional and inventive spirit, “Be Stupid” highlights Diesel’s core values on the philosophy of life.

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One Response to A Fresh Approach To Diesel

  1. They need to keep it freah and updated. quality clothes especially the jeans

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