THE COMING: Diddy Beats Headphones

After seeing the success of Beats By Dre headphones Sean Combs wants his own…line. Of course, Dr. Dre can’t have nothing for himself without Diddy trying to muscle in on the action. Remember how he remixed the good Doc’s Deathrow formula with an East Coast spin to send Bad Boy into the stratosphere? Lucky for Dre, the mogul formerly known as Puff is a partner and not a competitor. Monster Cable and Beats By Dr. Dre gave Sean Combs his own line called Diddy Beats.

Whereas, Beats By Dre was designed for the studio rat Diddy Beats’ more fashionable design was made for the more casual listener.  The in-ear headphones will come in black and white colorways and feature “high-tech aluminum and leather-wrapped housing and high-polished enamel,” along with “today’s most advanced sonic technologies”, according to Monster.  They will retail for $149.

“My mother played music for me as a child, and I grew up loving the way music made me feel. It brought out joy and pain. It was my first career, my first love,” said Diddy. “No matter how many roads I travel, my heart always takes me back there. Music is my life, and Diddy Beats is an expression of how great sound makes me feel.”

Interscope/ Geffen A&M chairman Jimmie Iovine helped make Diddy Beats a reality. He was the music bigwig who’s also responsible for bringing Dr. Dre’s headphones into fruition.

“What Diddy has done with Sean John is incredible. His marketing genius combined with his sense of design and fashion is unparalleled in the music business,” explained Iovine.

No drop date has been announced yet.

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