The Future of Magazines?


Just like souped up smart phones, e-readers and netbooks before them industry insiders are predicting that the new generation computer tablets will be the next thing that sweeps the digital sphere.  And so are magazine publishers. In fact, their survival almost depends on it.

With the Web and the economy tag teaming on glossies and taking them down faster than Greg Oden three games into the season the print industry has been forced into digitalization.

In a Hail Mary attempt for relevance, the magazine publishers have partnered with some tech folks to introduce an innovative approach to digitalized content, which aims to take advantage of tablets and, presumably, later generations of touch screen smart phones and e-readers like Amazon’s Kindle.

Below is a concept video that web design firm the Wonderfactory and Time, Inc., who publishes noted titles like Sports Illustrated, People and Entertainment Weekly, hope will save the magazine industry. Flash websites aren’t it I guess? I kid! Who knows, maybe one day you’ll see the Smugger in a format like this (Santa are you listening?).

What are your thoughts?

Check out the show and tell video below.

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One Response to The Future of Magazines?

  1. Vic says:

    I like this alot. I think this change/advancement is not a problem at all. If done right this could mean big things financially for the industry…but of course it will be abused once it gets popular LOL!

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