NFL's Chris Henry Dies After Domestic Dispute


These women are literally killing our athletes–at first just career-wise but, now physically. Now, before you jump down our throats we are just saying that this is becoming an unfortunate trend.

Via Sports Illustrated:

Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chris Henry has died, one day after falling out of the back of a pickup truck in what authorities described as a domestic dispute with his fiancee.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said Henry died at 6:36 a.m. Thursday. Henry was 26.

Henry was rushed to the hospital Wednesday after being found on a residential road. Police said the dispute began at a home about a half-mile away, and Henry jumped into the bed of the pickup truck as his fiancee was driving away from the residence.

“It is with great sadness to learn Chris has passed away,” Henry’s agent, Andy Simms said in a statement. “For those who knew Chris, he was nothing like his public perception. A loving and caring individual, he was thankful for what he had in life, and proud of what he had overcome.”

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6 Responses to NFL's Chris Henry Dies After Domestic Dispute

  1. “these women are killing our athletes?” that caption really irked me. why blame the woman? as PEOPLE, male or female, we have CHOICES TO MAKE. WE CONTROL OUR OWN LIVES. if you don’t want a woman (OR ANYONE!) to “ruin” your career or “kill you” MAKE BETTER DECISIONS!! ie: McNair cheating on his wife with an unstable, immature girl. HE MADE A POOR DECISION THAT COST HIM HIS LIFE. and in this situation… CHRIS was the one who decided to jump on A MOVING VEHICLE. whether the girl is crazy or not, HE made an irrational decision that cost him his life. we all have a choice to walk away. or better yet, we all are capable of making the CHOICE TO STOP and THINK before we act………… (

  2. Grago says:

    regardless of their choices do athletes deserve to die.

  3. Grago says:

    I meant do they deserve to die?

  4. where did i say that he deserved it? athlete or not, no one deserves to die (unless maybe you killed someone, but that’s another subject). my point was his DECISIONS got him killed. he made a poor choice and unfortunately, the consequence was death.

  5. Justina says:

    go KIRATIVE!! i agree! ppl make their own decisions and their reasonings behind a bad decision only end up sounding like excuses. he should have put a helmet on if he was gonna go leap onto a moving truck (lol i had to lighten it up).it wasn’t that serious though… they had 3 children together so even if she was leaving after an argument she would have HAD to come back eventually.i mean they werent married and she prob didn’t have her own so yea… writings on the wall.

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