Q & A: Finance Expert Chris Davis On Holiday Budgeting


Christmas. What a wonderful time of year. Neighborhoods become winter wonderlands, lights shine bright and happy faces flood the streets. I remember when I use to fight with my cousins about who would put the star on the top of the tree year in and year out.

Those were the good old days. Not a care in the world except what type of gifts I was getting and how early I could go to bed to make Christmas morning come faster.This is the time that we all get so excited about. It’s the time when you get to see family who’ve been missing in action for the past 12 months, or the time when you get that one special gift that you thought no one knew you really wanted. Better yet, it’s the time of year when we all go dead broke, literally.

We need to find better ways to manage our money, especially during the holidays when it counts the most. There’s nothing worse then that fake “I’m so happy” smile on Christmas day. We all know what that face really means…”I hate Christmas” or “I can’t wait until my income tax check comes.” What’s even worse is that you don’t even have enough money in your budget to get that simple Tie Bar you so desperately need to hold your tie in place at work.

Fortunately, Chrisopher Davis, former track & field champion in college and CEO of National Champion Financial Group, agreed to give us some vital tips on how to budget our finances during the holidays.

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Q & A with Chrisopher Davis:

The Smugger: I want to start off by asking you about National Champion Financial Group and the services that you offer.

Chris Davis: We are a financial services and sports management firm that offers financial coaching to individuals who want to learn how to take control of their finances. Our clients range from stay at home mothers to domestic and international professional athletes.

How important is proper finance management in this economy?

Financial management is very important because it takes money to live and live abundantly. Financial management is also important because statistics show that the major cause of stress is due to the lack of financial management. That is the reason why I started NCFG, because I wanted to empower individuals to take control of these particular issues.

Who are some of your past, current or future clients that you are or will be working with?

Some past clients consist of a handful of professional athletes. One is Chris Ahearn of the San Diego Padres minor league team. We have a few new projects coming up with some other big name individuals in the sports and entertainment industry as well.

Give us some financial management tips on how to budget our money while still buying affordable and trendy items.

    1. Don’t buy the first item you see. Shop around first and explore other options.2. Look for sales in the news paper and on TV.

    3. Also keep in mind the after Christmas sales have better prices.

    4. Ask friends their opinions of what you are buying. Two brains are better than one and they may know a store that has a better discount.

    5. Check prices online at other store for better prices.

You’re a sharp dressing individual. What are some clothing trends and brands that you like to wear to express yourself as a young business professional?

One particular clothing brand that I like to wear is Jos. A. Bank. I like a nice signature wrinkle free shirt, bow tie and some hard bottom Stacey Adams.

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With that being said, how does your attire in the work place dealing with clients differ from outside of the office at casual or upscale networking events? Why is it so important for you to set these two apart?

My attire differs from meeting with clients to outside of the office in a sense because I dress according to the crowd that I am in. At work, it’s simple, a nice two or three piece suit and tie. Out of the office at a casual event, I would wear some nice slacks and a button down shirt. In an upscale networking event, I would wear a nice popping bow tie or a regular tie with a (full) Windsor knot.

With Christmas and Tax season right around the corner people are going to be spending money just as fast as they receive it. How can National Champion Financial Group help us in these areas of concern? Are you offering any extra discounts or help during these two seasons?

Yes. We can assist individuals that spend unsparingly; for them we have cash flow plans. We also have discounts for tax season as well as other financial services. Currently, we have a discount for individuals that sign up now. Individuals will get anywhere from $25-$50 OFF with a special flyer but everyone reading this through TheSmugger.com can receive the same discount if you email me at: cdavis@nationalchampionfinancial.com. Write in the subject line of the email “discount for tax season $25-$50 OFF” to receive your discount.

Do you have any other organizational projects that you are working on?

We are currently making some additions to our company. We are expanding to college campuses around the nation for two major reasons:

  1. To give students an opportunity to build their resume through an internship
  2. To empower students on the importance of money management.

I also have My HBCU Family foundation. This organization plans events at HBCUs and other universities across the nation. Our company focuses on establishing events and seminars for students that provide educational and financial empowerment. Visit http://www.thehbcufamily.com

How might our readers contact you and gain National Champion Financial Group’s services?

Readers may visit our website at Nationalchampionfinancial.com and they can also email me, Christopher Davis, at cdavis@nationalchampionfinancial.com

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