Q&A: Melanie Fiona Says Lose The Baggy Look

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Melanie Fiona is weary. The fierce 26-year-old Canadian siren has been back and forthing across the country tirelessly touring and promoting her just released debut album The Bridge, which dropped in November. Having to live out of a suitcase for months in order to earn her one fan a day Fiona has touched enough hands to know what catches her eye. She speaks with the Smugger to let us know what does.

The Smugger: What do you like to see on a man style wise?

Melanie Fiona: I love a dude who has like a hip-hop preppy look, if I could describe that properly. I like dudes that wear jeans that fit them, clean shoes, like an upscale kind of urban…How would I describe it? It’s just a look. I’m not too picky but I’m not into big baggy clothes. It’s not really my thing. I like a man who wears clothes that fit him and they fit him well. So, if you’re wearing a polo with some slacks and Chucks, that’s totally my style. I guess I kind of like that skater kind of thing that’s going on [laughs]. But I’m also a fan of a man who can also rock a three-piece suit as well.

What’s a male celebrity whose style fits what you’re talking about?

The styling? I would have to go with Common and Pharrell with a touch of Kanye. He’s got a good style. I like it.

You opened for Kanye West on his tour and now, you’re on the road promoting your new album. Tell me about life on the road?

It’s hectic, and it’s also definitely the most exciting time of my life. For me, it’s just a whole new level of exposure and another level of hard work. It’s a grind that people don’t think artists have to go through but it is. I’m just kind of taking a grassroots approaching with it to connect with people, and just having fun and not lose sight about what this is. It’s a dream come true for me so I just want it to be that.

Have you made any big purchases yet or plan to?

Um….no. When it comes to houses and cars and stuff like that, I don’t live anywhere and a car is pointless because I won’t be able to drive it. I’ll tell you, I’ll invest in some very great luggage [laughs]. That would be cool because when you live out of your suitcase you gotta have that ready to go.

What are some travel essentials for you? What are some things that you must take with you on the road?

Things that always come in handy for me are my laptop, of course, because I have music and I have communication. I can be online and keep up with the rest of the world.

Are you a Mac or a PC?

Oh I’m a Mac girl [laughs]! I used to be a PC girl until my Pc turned its back on me and crashed. And so, I went and got a Mac and been in love with it ever since. My Cannon G-10 camera. I love photography and I love taking pictures of things and people. I can’t live without my camera. And my Blackberry cell phone because I am able to keep up with my family.

Melanie Fiona “It Kills Me” Video


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One Response to Q&A: Melanie Fiona Says Lose The Baggy Look

  1. Melanies Boo..lol says:

    Melanie Fiona is the perfect prototype of the type of classy woman every Gentleman needs. She has to be one of the Baddest in the game to date. I have yet to hear anything negative about this woman and i love her whole persona. She is a head turner when she steps in the room…Im sure she smells good too..lol..Hey, just being Honest!!

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