iPhone Gets Video Chat


Beyonce sung of video phones. It’s sexy– when you are at home, alone. But not so much on your accessible-at- all- times cell phone.

As much as men have embraced technology it is starting to work against us. Cell phones have always given us a one step forward two steps back dance in the relationship ring. Mobile phones made us accessible at all times until we were able to figure out ways to get around the “Where are you?” question. The advent of the text message was a glory handed down by the tech gods that allowed a man to reply to his significant other at his convenience– until we were lambasted with expectations to carry on full blown, real-time carpal tunnel-induced conversations through texts. And now, disguising your actual whereabouts has gotten a tad bit harder.

Fring, a mobile phone VoIP and chat client, has given the iPhone 3GS long-awaited (for some) video chat.  Through the free Fring iPhone app you can visually chat with callers. Just make sure you are where you’re supposed to be when you answer.

Find the app here or at the itune store.


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