Andre 3000 Loves His Hats


Andre 3000 is an eccentric dresser but the man knows his hats–whether it be straw hats paired with his Benjamin Bixby line or a turban from his ATLiens days. Three stacks spoke with GQ about his love of head gear. It’s an old interview but what the hell. It’s still timely.

Via GQ

So what do you love so much about hats?

It’s about shape. If you’re drawing a silhouette of a person, a hat makes a great shape. Personally, there’s something about a wide-brim hat that makes a great shape on my long face.

Let’s talk about the one you’re wearing in this photo.

I’ve had this hat for so many years that it’s tearing apart. But I love it so much I even wore it to the Met Costume Gala with my tuxedo this year. When I’m in New York, I feel like a country mouse in a city house, so I do little things that remind me of home. It’s good to have something tongue-in-cheek in whatever you’re doing so it’s not so serious all the time.

Getting dressed—start with the hat or the rest of the outfit?

The rest of the outfit. The hat is the final touch. The hat is the icing.


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