The 100 Greatest Quotes From The Wire

wallpaper_stringer_640x480 (1)

HBO’s episodic crime drama about Baltimore and it’s unrelenting drug trade was the best hour on television. Ever. The show’s socio-political entrenched story lines were deep and arched more like a well-written novel than your typical TV drama. Over five seasons, the Wire explored everything from the complex relationship between the streets, police, politics and the media to how the city’s kids come of age in an urban community ravaged by drugs and a broken school system. The retired show, whose success is owed to phenomenal writing and character development, had hundreds of memorable quotes from the likes of characters such as Omar, Bubbles, Bunk, McNulty, Rawls, Stringer Bell, Avon Barksdale, Snoop, Marlo, Cheese, Prop Joe, Clay Davis and others. These are the 100 greatest.

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