Eggnog Makes The Season Better


Holidays are always made a little better with a glass of eggnog. In a quest to find which spirit base makes the best, a trip to the local liquor store was required. Selecting a brandy, rum and a whiskey became overwhelming due to the various brands. After selecting Hennessey, Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and Crown Royal Whiskey, the eggnog testing began.

Eggnog & Hennessey

The flavor of the Hennessey did not overpower the eggnog flavor. However, the eggnog taste was more noticeable and stimulating.

Eggnog & Captain Morgan Spiced Rum

Being a classic base for eggnog, this rum seemed to fade into the background offering a sweeter taste to the concoction.

Eggnog & Crown Royal Whiskey

Whiskey always makes for a flavorful drink, but when paired with eggnog, it becomes more pronounced. This whiskey gave a subtle, yet pleasing taste.

Overall, the Crown Royal Whiskey was the base spirit of choice due to bold flavors the whiskey yielded. The Captain Morgan Dark Rum offered a more delicious aroma, while the Hennessey brought the eggnog’s essence to the forefront.

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