Lil Wayne Wants Your Attention One Last Time


Lil Wayne is about to give plenty of himself to the world before has to give himself to the Feds for a year in February over his weapons conviction.

First up is a new Weezy-centered documentary due out next week. If the trailer or the raving Sundance Film Festival acclaim (or the fact that Wayne himself tried to sue the film’s producer QD3 to ban it’s release over his revealing depiction) is any indication, expect a portrayal as raw as the purple inside the Cash Money centerpiece’s cup.

The Carter Trailer.

The following month, Wayne is scheduled to drop two albums – his rock debut Rebirth and his Young Money crew project We Are Young Money. Both are due out Dec. 15th and will reportedly be packaged together.

The cover art and track listing for Lil Wayne’s guitar experiment recently popped up on the grid (see below). The image shows the Syrup-sipping rapper doing showcasing his best rock star swag– guitar and all. He has that down. The actual music will be another story. When “Prom Queen” dropped earlier in the year the reception was a mixed bag. The single gave us a first glimpse at Weezy’s rocker prowess and while the song and video charted pretty solid the lucid reception from Wayne’s core fan base almost caused his parent label to shelve the album altogether.

And then comes the Carter 4 album…

The cover art and track listing for Rebirth


1. I’m Not Human

2. Knock Knock

3. I’m Good, No Great Feat. Nicki Minaj

4. Sick of This

5. Dizzy Feat. Mary J. Blige

6. Young Money World Feat. Young Money

7. Lamp Laid Feat. Lil Twist

8. With Me Feat. Lloyd

9. Hot Revolver Feat. Dre

10. Make It

11. Amazing Love Feat. Gudda Gudda

12. Girls Forever

13. Prom Queen

14. She Wants Me Feat. Drake

15. All About

16. Fire Do? Feat. The Game

17. Bottom Feat. Gudda Gudda

18. In Your Face Feat. Kevin Rudolph (Also known as Spit, Facelift)

19. Lethal Injection Feat. Lenny Kravitz

20. Ready For the World

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