Rocsi Can't Deal With the Hate

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We never gave Rocsi a fair shake. She’s always had to live with stigma of  not being Free. She eventually overcame that, and worked her ass off to become the defacto chick of 106th and Park. But still we couldn’t help but wonder who’s she’s jumping off with. Is it her co-host Terrance? Or some celebrity she’s flirted a little too much with on the 106th couch? Or the prime minister of some tiny Caribbean island that happens to be married to Lisa Raye?

In an interview with Honey Magazine, the 106th & Park host shares that she’s been on her grind something extra so that people doesn’t think that she’s been on another type of grind something extra. And they kept talking.

“I spent time doing radio so anybody that came on that [106th & Park] couch, I had already interviewed.I had weight to my name already. So Queen Latifah, Ludacris, Lil’ Wayne, Baby, all these people respected me. They know me; they know I’m a hardworker. I just went out last night, and I had a genuine good time. I hardly ever really go out,”  Rocsi says. “And the next day its ‘Rocsi’s dating … popping bottles with Trey Songz … tryna get with …’ I was like ‘What?! No, I wasn’t even sitting at his table!’” If I take a picture with somebody, I make it a point not even to put my arm around them. And it’s so hard because people just want to pick on you. I’m like ‘Dude, you don’t sleep with everyone you take a picture with.’ Like, come on. I think it’s getting to an ignorant stage.”

Rocsi continues to talk about how she’s never had to have sex to get ahead but still the hate on the gossip sites is starting to get to her.

“It hurts when my brothers call me,” she continues. “I mean it’s real bad when it gets to the point where everything’s so unbearable. You really got to have that strength, because if I didn’t have that strength in me, I would kill myself. There are some days when I’m like ‘How bad do I want to kill myself right now? What is the point of going on when so many people despise me or hate what I do?’”

Read the entire story here

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