American Men's Fashion, Then & Now


By Jared Paul Stern

Luxury publisher Assouline and the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) have come out with a new book called American Fashion Menswear, billed as “the most authoritative and exciting book to date on the evolution of menswear in the United States over the past century. ” The book begins by noting that the individualists and adventurers who settled America required garments that were functional and well-designed in order to survive the challenges of a new environment; those qualities continue to endure at the very heart of American menswear. Author Robert E. Bryan has divided the volume into seven different sections based upon the diverse identities of the American man, covering everything “Levi Strauss to the Ivy League, lounge suits to Zoot suits, and cowboys to counterculture,” with cameos from the likes of Fred Astaire, Marlon Brando, Ralph Lauren and more.

Courtesy: Luxist.Com

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5 Responses to American Men's Fashion, Then & Now

  1. DapperPrince says:

    It definitely looks like a great read. I must add that to my personal fashion library immediately.

  2. Already know im too FLY says:

    This book looks a clssic. It def touches base on the history behind it all. he seemed to have some major icone working with him in the book as well. i would love to meet Raloh Lauren

  3. Already know im too FLY says:

    *Ralph bad for the typo Smugger!!

  4. Royce Hunley says:

    Good afternoon. Looks are part of business. A businessman should never stand out more than his customers. His mannerisms, his clothes, everything about him. Moderation is the key.

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