iPod Nano: Now The World's Smallest Camcorder

I had a Cheesit moment after I saw all of the new features included in the 5G Apple iPod Nano.

How do they put all of that cheese in such a tiny square?

On top of holding your digital music library the new iPod Nano features a voice recorder, a FM radio (which, confusingly, has been absent from personal music players since the cassette walkman went out of style), a  pedometer (which counts your calories and distance walked) and a speaker (to annoy other people on the bus or subway train).

But, but wait it gets worse!

The new Nano is exactly the same size as it’s predesessor but it comes equipped with a built-in camcorder, making it the world’s smallest video camera. ┬áThe video feature will allow up 16 hours of video and a myriad of video effects.

The only problem I have with this brilliantly engineered device is that it’s so small that you may misplace it three or four times a day.

The 8GB Nano will retail for $149 but for only $30 more you might as well upgrade to the 16GB version, whose extra space will come in handy with the new video feature.


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