The Best Album Promotion Ad. Ever.


This Rhapsody commercial has Jay-Z going through a hurried remake of his storied catalog of previous album covers from Reasonable Doubt to American Gangster, in order promote his upcoming 11th album- Blueprint 3, due out September 11th. Even though the early buzz of BP3 has been a mixed bag this very creative ad for the music sharing service does a excellent job of recapturing a musical legacy that spans across 13 years and multiple undeniable classics- Blueprint 2 or 3 not included.

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3 Responses to The Best Album Promotion Ad. Ever.

  1. Rico Robinson says:

    wow, this commercial is at another level! Thats big promo for a rapper,its dope!

  2. jeff Toliver says:

    This promotion commercial is one of a kind. Only those who know and understand Jay Z’s hip hop history will have a true understanding of the many chattels brought forth through this commercial. He shows his growth as an artist and more importantly as a fashion icon in a matter of 60 seconds

  3. RJ says:

    Okay then June Ambrose!

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